Recycling shotgun cartridges

The pile of leather off cuts grows over the years so, rather than go to waste, periodically some of the pile is turned into small items such as key rings. To add a bit of interest, the plan is to incorporate a shotgun ferrel/casing insert. Fortunately there’s a number of local shooters so there’s a plentiful supply of spent cartridges.

6.5mm rifle bullet magazine cases

When the bag of spent shotgun cartridges was dropped off, Andy asked if I could make him a leather case to hold a magazine of 6.5mm rifle bullets with a suitable closing fitting. The magazines are supplied in cardboard boxes which, when not full, tend to allow the remaining magazines to rattle and alert flighty game. A leather case for a single magazine would avoid accidentally making a noise.

The plan is to make a couple of prototype cases using different construction methods; wet moulding and traditional stitching with a gusset piece.

Wet Moulding