Following on from making Andy a rifle cartridge case, he asked if I could make a leather sheath for a ‘hunting’ knife he’d made for gralloching culled deer in the field. Essentially it is an adapted kitchen knife with the blade reduce down to around 5”.

The plan was to wet mould a relatively thick piece of leather which would incorporate a retaining strap and have a loop for a belt up to 2” wide. The retaining strap locates over a bullet cartridge fixed to the knife butt. This meant the belt loop had to be a separate piece sewn on to the sheath, although this neatly avoids having an exposed flesh side for the loop which I think looks scruffy.

Leather : Jean Belt in Malt 3-4-3.6mm from AA Crack, Thread: Vinymo MTB colour #102 size 0.5mm